How to Avoid at Least One Computer Dissater

How to Avoid At Least One Technological Dissaster!

We have had a number of problems with one of our table top computers. A security program I was renewing appears to have installed malware to the computer as it seized up after I attempted the upload. My Technological Guru said that it is most likely the most recent program I was uploading that caused it to crash. So after being stripped and cleaned for $249 we brought it home.

(And no, the security system did not own the problem. I took the security program off any of our computers and I send their emails to spam immediately. I also gave them a scathing review when they asked why I had canceled the program and requested my $$$ back.

I then asked Steve to upload Google Chrome as I need it to access and print out our bank statements and print out billing statements for my day job. He did, but he was in a rush and did not read the title of the program accurately enough to notice it was not an official Google Chrome site. So you can almost guess where this is going…it wasn’t. So now we had ransom ware on the computer with no ability to do anything. Back to the Computer shop the hard drive went, though they charged less since it had just been to their shop.

Then I loaded the official Google Chrome site, making sure I was looking at the correct listing for 5 minutes at least before I clicked the button to have it upload. So that loaded successfully and I could breath again.

Now what to fix…..3 months for 4 different banking accounts needed to be uploaded by hand Again and reconciled.  Three of the accounts were relatively easy. I pulled Steve in to help with the 4th as he can then read me the items and I can type them in faster than if I’m looking up at the computer screen and then down at the check book. So now that is done and we just reconciled July’s accounts and we are mostly on track….

One of the other goals was to load Windows 10 to a computer that had contained Vista, which was not a program I liked. But along the way my Computer Guru suggested I download the photos and documents to a TB unit and then re load them after I had installed the Windows 10 programing. All this stuff makes me nervous, because obviously mistakes can happen, and then where are you? I knew I depended on a computer as a work horse, but now I really know that it is an integral part of what I do 4 days a week or more and it has to work!

So the Windows 10 eventually goes on smoothly and eventually I load my photos and documents safely to the hard drive. Now to the major point of this story….Amazon Prime had a sale a couple of weeks ago and I searched for a Seagate 5TB add-on storage for our PC. That was the brand recommended to me and I was not messing with my Computer Guru’s professional opinion. It cost around $109 and I was told that was a good price for that many TB's.

On July 25, 2016 I then dragged and dropped my photos, one file folder at a time, which goes slowly, and the same with documents, though documents load much fast. Today when we reconciled bank accounts I backed them up to the PC and dragged and dropped them to the Seagate 5TB. I hope I am all over it now and can move forward instead of swimming over the same mess over again! (TB means Terra Byte though I don’t know if that is the correct spelling.) 5TB’s is a lot of space & I won’t run out any time soon!!!  So the point of this story… Get Add on Storage for Your PC and USE IT! You wont regret it!




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