Earrings Everyday Challenge-Owls

Earrings Everyday Challenge-Owls



Locavore Mercantile Store


Locavore Mercantile Store at Steamboat Island, Olympia, Washington

Lovely article on the new Pop Up store on Steamboat Island Square featuring artisans of all types, including painters, textile artists, jewelry designers, soap makers, potters, etc!!!

Click on the following link or copy and paste the link in your search bar to read the article.


How to Avoid at Least One Computer Dissater

How to Avoid At Least One Technological Dissaster!

What Wire Do I Use In My Jewelry Making?

What Wire Do I Use In My Jewelry Making?

I frequently am asked what wire do I use in my jewelry designs and where do I get it? I am happy to answer that question and to share that information with you.

(In the above earrings Enameled Charms and Lampwork Glass by Kimberly Rogers, and Ceramics by Ragged Robyn!)

Carnelian & Turquoise Gemstone Earrings

Magazine Published...Carnelian Turquoise Gemstone Earring Tutorial


Re Stringing Necklace


This beautiful necklace of soft shades of green was purchased several years ago by a friend and a collegue. Unforutnately one of the strands appeared to be cut by a gemstone. I changed out all the stringing wires to a newer product that I have since started using and restrung the necklace. The product used to be called Zambapro and is now called Artbeads Designer Jewelry Wire from

Family Gathering Pics


Photos of Family Gatherings and Celebrations over the past year!

Sheela Stocks and Sandy Hurd watching Super Bowl in which Broncos won!

Cousin, Paul Kemp watching the Super Bowl.


New Business Cards

August 10, 2015