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Directions to Make Your Own Amethyst Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelet


Amethyst Gemstones have a translucence and pattern or matrix that makes them so interesting and fun to work with. They have been a gemstone I frequently use in my jewelry designs over the years in something as simple as amethyst drop earrings or as texturally complex as the bracelet in this set of jewelry. 

This set of jewelry was shown in Jewelry Affair magazine in their Summer 2016 edition and I have written directions for you to make your own in whatever color theme you choose. The key is to try and find a mix of the same or similar colors in whatever type of bead you like and limit the number of other additional colors so the design flows. The following list of beads is what I put into my necklace, earrings, and bracelet, but you can make up your own list of beads that you want in your design. I've also included where I get my supplies for your convenience! 

The key to this bracelet design is to work with a limited palet of colors or with shades of the same color or theme with a few accents that are repeated throughout the design. The Amethyst stones are surrounded by a support cast of other purple and amethyst beads, gemstones, and fabulous lampwork glass! 


Amethyst Gemstones, (,,

-Drops, 3, 30mm long

-Nugget, 1, 20mm

-Beads, 3, 8mm

-Rough Nuggets, 4, 10-12mm

-Nuggets, 3, 5mm

-Beads, 25, 3mm

Jasper, 15, 5mm Nuggets

Glass Flat 20mm, (, LimaBeads,

Glass Beads, 12, 5mm

Glass Beads 4, 15mm

Lampwork Glass, 9 one kind, 3 another, 1 different, (Etsy Artisans like Silverfish Designs or Inspire Glass)

Lampwork Glass, 6, 10 x 5mm  

Earwires, (,

Black Annealed Steel Wire, 24 gauge, 7 yards, (Ace's Hardware,) or wire of your choice. Just make sure it goes thorugh the gemstones and beads. Gemstones tend to have narrower holes that glass beads.

Leather Cord, 30 inches using a color that works with your design, (

Silk Ribbon, 6 inches

Hook Closures, 2 Hooks & 1 Eye, (

Decorative Crimps, 2, 8-10mm. Suitable for crimping leather.( 

Jump Ring, 4mm, (

Microcrystalline Wax- Renesance Wax, (

Clean Rag, small soft piece of old t shirt works really well

Steel Wire Cutters. Please do not use your good wire cutters as the steel will ruin them. (   

Needle, Flat, & Hook Nose Jewelry Pliers, (

Silicone Covered Pliers, (

Bead Board or Bead Surface so the beads don't roll around, (