Earrings Everyday Challenge-Owls

Earrings Everyday Challenge-Owls



Erin Prais-Hinz in posting the Earrings Everday Challenge at https://earrings-everyday.blogspot.com/2017/03/were-all-ears-march-reveal-owls.html?showComment=1489760014919#c2848814267865081069  site for March 17th, 2017  stated......."Owls represent wisdom and truth with piercing eyes that are all-seeing, even in the darkest of nights. Silent, secret and majestic. As a personal totem they symbolize the capacity to see beyond deceit, a heightened intuition and are harbingers of life transitions and change." 

Depending on the culture represented the Owl may have a variety of meanings from the Welsh associating owls with fertility and the Romas associating owls with the goddess Athena, who represented wisdom and prophecy. Owls remind me of the times I lived in the Interior of Alaska and would walk in the early dark morning hours to my job as a 3-12th grade school teacher in a 95 person Eskimo village. You could hear them beating their wings and woooshing through the air as they looked for a meal. I was hoping the Owl wasn't going to try to make a meal out of my fur & leather hat or the hood to my down parka in the crisp sub zero weather.  

In the Native Amercian culture an "owl in your totem means you are adaptable and appraoch life in an easy-going manner. They are often artistic and adventurous, witty and flexible, sensative and with a zest of life." I find that the older I get the more relaxed I get about things but I also know that I have learned to be very adaptable to different environments and situations for several decades due to different living and working situations. 
To capturre the essence of an owl totem I chose to use some fabulous ceramic owls from Jill Stoffregen of Foxpaws. I paired them with some other equally fabulous components. Brown pewter charms from Vincint Cav at Invinciti, glass from both Jody Brimhall at Inspire Glass and Leese Mahoney from Glass by Leese, and copper metal dangles by Shannon German from Missficklemedia, (which all have shops on Etsy, though Leese Mahoney is on a long hiatus).  I love to work with color and these woodsy tan earrings are a bit of a departure from the colors I usually use, but I added some tiny seed beads with just a bit of color to jazz the design up a bit.
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I like how you incorporated

I like how you incorporated the metal in the design.

Owl Challenge

Thank you Bay Moon Design!!!!

Such a unique pair of

Such a unique pair of earrings. Love the ceramic owls!

Owl Challenge

Thank you Oksana! They were a lot of fun to design. I don't frequently submit designs to challenges, but I am inclined to do that more often if I have the right materials.

Yummy earrings

These earrings are a four-course meal's worth of yumminess. All of the elements combine perfectly and I especially love how the long pieces of copper curve inward like wings around the body of the earrings. Gorgeous!

Owl Challenge

Thank you Tammy! I had just the right materials and the earrings just designed themselves. I need to challenge myself more by participating in these challenges more often!

FABulous Owl earrings

Love what you designed for this challenge...I didn't play this time around. So I am just checking out what everybody came up with.
I did make an owl necklace but that is for some thing else. Have a great day!

Owl Challenge

Thank you Terri G. for your comments! Hope to see what you design in the future challenges!

Great design!

I love the wire work on your earrings. They really evoke the wings of these majestic creatures. I have never seen an owl in real life. They are so impressive and spectacular. What a story to be hearing their wings whooshing as you walked. That would be exhilarating! Thanks for playing along with me! Enjoy the day! Erin

Owl Challenge

Thank you for the interesting challenge Erin. It was a lot of fun to design these earrings. They seemed to just design themselves!

Your earrings are amazing! I

Your earrings are amazing! I love the crusty rustic look you achieved with the combination of components.

Owl Challenge

Thank you so much for the kind comments and taking the time to post them Sarajo Wentling! <3

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