Rhinestone Black & White Earrings

Rhinestone Black White Earrings

For the Earrings Everyday Challenge I chose to step outside of my comfort zone. I have a collection of brass casings and rhinestone beading supplies that I have wanted to experiment with for some time. This was my opportunity to push myself into a new set of supplies and have some fun. These earrings are comprised of brass casings from ArtWearElements.etsy.com that were embellished by Rachelle Sharits. Sari silk, opaline cup chain and ball chain were hung from a hidden loop of annealed steel wire and the wire was then threaded through Rhinestone bead caps. Niobium ear wires finish off these fun earrings. These were my second set of earrings. The next pair of earrings are quite a bit different though the brass casings are the same.

These earring were made with the same type of brass casings with an embellished design by Rachelle Sharits. The additional components are ethnic glass and acrylic beads and a pair of tinned headpin daggers by  Sasha Crow-Artisan Components for Jewelry Designers at SashaCrow.com.

Thanks for taking the time to check out these fun earrings that you too can make for yourself. Now back to the jewelry table to make some more in other colors and finishes! :)




Both of these pairs have

Both of these pairs have their own distinct personalities. That's awesome considering their main component in the same. The first is so girly and the second - simple and clean. Awesome job with this challenge!

Thank You <3

Thank you CraftyHope. I'm seeing what you are seeing as these are so different but with some similar matterials. I liked the challenge of that concept!

B&W Earrings

Both pairs have beautiful designs! The tassel has a strong visual effect but also does the dagger - it certainly drew my attention. Here's one more effect from challenges like this one - I just remembered I had black chain somewhere :)

Thank you!

Thank you Rozantia Petkova! Challenges do trigger new ideas with materials we might have in our stash...

Awesome texture!

These are great! I love how interesting all the textures are when your eye doesn't get distracted by the colors. Thanks for joining in the We're All Ears challenge at Earrings Everyday! Enjoy the day! Erin

Thank you!

Thank you Erin Lynn Prais-Hintz! I usually work with colors...lots of colors....there are no bad colors! So it was fun to play with black and white and create two almost completely different designs that stood on their own. Looking forward to the next challenge.


Fabulous designs, as always. I especially like what you did with the chains and the fiber together.

Thank you!

Thank you Tammy. I had a lot of fun coming up with two ideas using the same casings and working with black and white, while I usually work with just colors...lots of colors!

Beautiful! I love how the

Beautiful! I love how the two patterns play with each other on the second pair.

Thank you!

Thank you Deborah. I liked the pattern play too!

Those brass casings are a

Those brass casings are a really wonderful starting point for both pairs of earrings! They are so visually interesting and unique. I really love the hints of sparkle in that first pair but they are both fab!

Thank You Sarajo!

Thank you Sarajo for your wonderful comment!

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